Marry a Psychologist

Marry a psychologist
She/He understand a lot about human being, inside and outside
She/He will take care of you, because that is her/his vow

Marry a psychologist
She/He will listen, empathize, and treat you with respect and positive regard
She/He is an expert in doing that

Marry a psychologist
You will get a combo: spouse and therapist in one person, for FREE!
Pay only with kisses and thank you.

Marry a psychologist
Though She/He is not perfect, but She/He is trying to be one by helping others to be better
Helping is her/his middle name

Marry a psychologist
She/He is a wonderful person
But She/He is not a perfect one
So love her/him with all the goods and bads

*Comot dari twitternya @bangjeki πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Marry a Psychologist

  1. rusydi hikmawan

    suer sy gak ngerti. tiap bait memiliki makna yg berbeda. itu ttg perasaan2 yg berbeda2. ttg wondelful person, yg baik dan buruk selalu ada di sisinya


  2. ameeeeel

    Bwahahahahahaaa… kalo ini dikasih liat ke suami, pasti bakal ditoyor, karena semuanya kok jauh dari gambaran diri aku ya πŸ˜€
    Eh, tapi mungkin karena baru sarjana psikologi… mungkin kalo udah ambil profesi, lain cerita πŸ˜€


    1. liamarta Post author

      hahahahaha aku pun mbakkk, masih jauh dari gambaran diriku juga πŸ˜†

      defense nya gitu ya : “karena baru sarjana psikologi, belum jadi psikolog beneran” πŸ˜†



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